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Kisah Dina & Hazim: Uji Pendengaran

Jul 19, 2010

Uji Pendengaran

Pada 29 julai 2010 ni, Hazim akan menjalani ujian pendengaran lagi buat kali keempat. Kenapa banyak kali yer ? sebab setiap kali ujian pendengaran dilakukan mesti ada masalah pada telinga tengah. Puncanya tidak dapat dikenalpasti lagi.
Masa pertama kali ujian dilakukan Hazim belum lagi menjalani pembedahan lelangit. Kali kedua hazim mengalami selsema   3 hari sebelum ujian so masa hari ujian dilakukan telinga tengah blok. Kali ketiga Irma tak pasti kenapa rasanya ada kaitan dengan selesema juga kot. Ops... boleh tak pakai kot-kot ni yer...  dan yang ini kali keempat. berharap sangat Kali ini tiada sebarang masalah.
Kalau refer pada jadual yang Irma refer dari sini . kat bawah ni, pendengaran Hazim macam tak ada sebarang masalah. Tapi tak tahulah kenapa setiap kali ujian dilakukan mesti Audiologist beritahu yang telinga tengah Hazim mengandungi cecair yang boleh mengganggu pendengaran Hazim. buat masa ni tiada sebarang ubat yang dibekalkan cuma perlu pemantauan.

Hearing Milestones: A parent's checklist
The following are some age-related guidelines that may help to decide if your child may be having hearing problems. It is important to remember that children reach milestones at different ages: every child is different. Consult your child's physician if you are concerned that your child is not hearing appropriately. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association lists the following age-appropriate hearing milestones.

  • listens to speech (Okeh, sangat respond)
  • startles or cries at noises (Ok)
  • awakens at loud sounds (Ok, sangat respond)

0-3 months
  • turns to you when you speak (ya.. hazim love listening my voice)
  • smiles when spoken to (yes, with beautiful smile,especially when the operation is done)
  • recognizes your voice and quiets down when crying ( yes, 'Hazim'kan anak Mama)
4-6 months
  • responds to "no" and changes in your tone of voice (yes)
  • looks around for sources of noise (doorbell, vacuum, etc.) (yes)
  • notices toys that make sound (yes)
7 months - 1 yr
  • listens when spoken to (yes, Hazim can respond)
  • turns or looks up when his/her name is called (yes)
  • enjoys games like pat-a-cake or peek-a-boo (yes, His favorite game is Cok..Cok..Pin...)
  • responds to simple requests ("come here", "want more?") (yes)
  • recognizes words for common items ("cup, "shoe", "juice") (yes)
1-2 yrs
  • listens to simple stories, rhymes, or songs (ya.., Hazim suka bila Mama menyanyi selawat sebelum tidur)
  • follows simple commands and understands simple questions ("roll the ball", "kiss the baby") (yes, Hazim suka cium mulut pipi Mama)
  • can point to a few body parts when asked (yes, Hazim can point his nose, ears, tongue and eyes)
  • points to pictures in books when they are named (yes, Hazim boleh meniru bunyi haiwan-haiwan apabila mama tunjuk gambar cat, tiger, bird, elephant, cow, ect)
2-3 yrs
  • can follow two requests ("get the ball and put it on the table") (yes)
  • continues to notice sounds (phone ringing, television, etc.) (yes)
  • understands difference in meaning (go/stop, big/little, up/down) (yes)
3-4 yrs
  • can answer simple "who", "what", "where", "why" questions
  • can hear radio and TV at the same loudness as others
  • can hear you when you call from another room (yes, Hazim can find me...)
4-5 yrs
  • pays attention to simple stories and can answer questions about it
  • people who know your child think he/she hears well
  • hears and understands most of what is said at home and in school


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